ZEANOVA is a New Zealand Innovation Company providing a full spectrum of manufacturing solutions primarily to the food industry. Through sustainable development, we focus on improving companies’ operational efficiencies in energy and labour use, whilst managing environmental impact and waste control through systems manufacture.

We are all about  new ideas  &  new opportunities,  continuously looking at ways to make things better. Make contact now, and let us work to see how we can implement a difference in your business.
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Food Warmer
Safe holding and display of food.
  Air Ladder
Stable and lightweight for manoeuvrability.
  Sluice Sink
Design, fabrication & installation for hospital hygiene.

Food Bay
Safe, refrigerated food holding.
Measurement & installation of fascias.
Sink Bench
Design, fabrication & installation for hospital use.

Wash Sink
Efficient cleaning in commercial wash areas.
Hand Rails & Ballustrades
Measurement & installation of fixings.
Food Grade Oil Dispenser
Designed to melt & dispense solid food grade oil safely.

ZEANOVA offers complete services from consultation and design, through to manufacturing and after sales servicing. We work with our clients to provide solutions in the following key areas:
  • Efficiencies in Labour Use
  • Efficiencies in Power Consumption
  • Impact on Environment
  • Control of Waste

Our capabilities include:

Design & Engineering
Sheet Metal Fabrication

Electrical Wiring
Onsite Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Weld, Assembly & Finishing Services
Logistics (International manufacturing & supply chain services)

Complimenting our own product, we also represent and provide after sales service for Duke Manufacturing, who are known for their innovative food equipment.

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